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Vormgevers [Shape-givers]

Daphna Laurens

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“What we design normally is very focused on archetypes, but it's not generous to live with archetypes.”

Matali Crasset is an industrial designer in Paris, where her team works in her studio and home. She designs spaces and objects that break down archetypes and focus on the essentials of the space or object. Crasset has collaborated with many different companies such as Ikea, Campeggi, Danese and Alessi to name a few. She is currently focusing on projects that surround social innovation and also on works exhibitions that explore different kinds of scenarios and the evolution of society.

More than Function
Chapter 1

Objects and space go beyond bringing a function and can fulfill the symbolic needs we have.

Double Side for Danese
Chapter 2

The Double Side chair for Danese can go from one state to another in one gesture, reflecting the fluidity of life.

Dynamic Life for Campeggi
Chapter 3

Matali Crasset breaks the archetype of the sofa by creating a platform for different life scenarios.

This interview was conducted by Kimberley Yip & Tiphanie Lau.