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Meaning Alongside Function

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“In architecture, you are conveying a message. How can that be a message that you love and want to go back to?”

Winy Maas is an architect, urban designer, author and professor amongst other things. As a cofounder of MVRDV, he has also contributed towards the academic world of architecture. He is a strong advocate of narrative-driven architecture.

Embracing difference
Chapter 1

The Book Mountain was part of a bigger plan to rejuvenate Spijkenisse. However, when the town decided that they wanted to urbanize the city centre with “cute bricks”, they decided to take this material and go one step further with it.

Mini neighbourhoods
Chapter 2

With its foundation built on the River, a floating parking lot and an underwater dyke, Silodam became one of the most expensive middle class housing projects in Amsterdam. To cover costs, they started playing with the idea of mini neighbourhoods, which turned out to be a vital component towards the success of the building.

Story behind windows
Chapter 3

Among other elements of the Markthal, the windows of the Markthal hold the key to its unique design. Along with the interior panels and marble cladding, the Markthal is a compilation of multiple narratives.

This interview was conducted by Kimberly Chan & Maryam H. Kashani.