We are Drie
We are Drie
Drie: rhymes with three and means exactly that in Dutch. We are Groep Drie - a collective of curious and open-minded thinkers and makers.

Groep Drie

SFU DutchDesign 2015

We are Groep DRIE, the third group of senior design students to partake in dutchDesign, an undergraduate field school and research program offered by the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University. This website is the legacy project of the bi-annual research results conducted in the area of design and innovation.

Russell Taylor

Field School Director

Director of both dutchDesign and italiaDesign field schools. Senior lecturer at Simon Fraser University. A mentor to us all.

Victoria Badenas

Assistant Director & UX

Victoria’s fascinations lie in learning the complexities of human behaviour and how to relevantly impact human life through good design. Victoria is passionate about user experience design, business, and the intersections of both.

Kimberly Chan

Assistant Director

Kim is an aspiring architect with a background in visual arts and UX. Maintaining a childlike curiosity and ability to observe has become one of Kim’s life goals.

Chris Elawa

Sound Lead & Cinematographer

Chris is a user experience designer who dabbles in film, photography and sound design. Curious about numerous topics ranging from urban intervention to bicycle typography, Chris aims to make relevant cultural connections in everything he designs.

Robyn Goodridge

Photographer, Copywriter & Social Media

Robyn is an experience designer with a wide array of interests, including film, photography, and sound design. Through empathy and a little bit of insanity, she strives to bring diverse and abstract ideas to the table and then mold them into memorable designs.

Trevor Komori

Film Director & Post-production Lead

Trevor is an aspiring cinematographer, photography enthusiast, and sound design trainee. With the intent of always searching for progression in his craft, Trevor seeks to find the perfect way of showcasing the narrative.

Tiphanie Lau

Lead Developer & UX

Tiphanie is a user experience designer and aspiring front-end developer who is all about the details. Above all, she strives to better understand people so she can create work that is both purposeful and meaningful.

Sean Leach

Cinematographer & Social Media

Sean specializes in UX and interaction design but loves to dabble in service design and animation. Sean’s mission is to design delightful and meaningful moments that will contribute to people’s lives.

Briana Lee

Photographer & Social Media

With interests in service design, visual design and photography, Briana aspires to stretch boundaries and discover unconventional mediums in order to keep things interesting and uncomfortable.

Jessie Sohpaul

Branding, Strategist & Cinematographer

Jessie is immersed in everything creative. From art to design, and film to fashion, he loves it all.

Elsa Wong

Branding, Visual Designer & Copywriter

Elsa is a communication designer with curiosities in service design. Being able to create meaningful impact in people’s lives, is at the heart of her learning.

Chungwon Yang

Art Director, Project Manager, Branding & Visual Designer

Chungwon is a brand and visual designer with passion for minimalism. She strives to create beauty and joy for the eyes with functionality and purpose.

Kimberley Yip

Post-production Lead, Cinematographer, Photographer & Social Media

Kim is an experience and visual designer who also dabbles in photography and videography. She is passionate about incorporating humour and empathy with design to provide a different perspective and engaging experiences.