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“It's now moved into how we communicate and exchange ideas. I see design being more than just the technology.”

Warren Schramm is currently the technical director at Teague where he works with a diverse group of programmers, designers, technologists, prototypers, thinkers and hackers. Having 20 years of experience in information technology, he provides a technological lens to the designs they create at Teague. Warren Schramm approaches design by deeply understanding people’s needs and finding the minimal set of technology to create the experience that will address those needs.

Teague's Legacy
Chapter 1

In its 88th year, Teague is considered to be one of the pioneer design agencies that pushed design forward. Its founder, Walter Dorwin Teague, had a philosophy that remains within the company: it suggests that products are not only functional, but can have an emotional connection with the user and impact their lives.

Thinking Through Making
Chapter 2

Thinking through making is a culture that embodies the design approach of Teague. Prototyping as a tangible and engaging process is central in order to accurately inform and improve their designs.

The Denny Bike
Chapter 3

Warren Schramm talks about how their team prototyped the lock handle bars of the Denny Bike, as well as the insights they considered that led to the design of the bike.

Design and Technology
Chapter 4

Teague adopts technology to compliment their design process, making it faster and more informed.

This interview was conducted by Victoria Badenas.