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“Whether we are designers or not, we are all exposed to typography.”

Margherita Porra is the creative director of Arithmetic Creative in Vancouver, BC. Nestled by the water of Granville Island, her boutique studio is known to many of the city’s local businesses. Margherita’s design process puts her clients’ stories at the forefront to produce beautiful work in packaging, branding, and interior design.

Type Is Image
Chapter 1

Typefaces speak to people because they are encountered every day. With the correct treatment, typography can be as communicative as imagery.

Designing for Fashion
Chapter 2

The fashion industry depends on quarterly fresh and new looks. Arithmetic works regularly with Plenty, a Vancouver-based clothing boutique, and designed a merchandise bag that would stay current across fast-moving fashion seasons.

Why Arithmetic?
Chapter 3

While searching for a name to describe her work, Margherita discovered a quote by a great physicist.

This interview was conducted by Elsa Wong & Briana Lee.