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“When I work with food, I think about ... how can you treat it well and get the best and freshest flavour”

Prior to De Kas, Gert Jan Hageman was head chef at Vermeer where he earned the restaurant a Michelin star. He established De Kas two years after, during his sabbatical, and now grows produce full time.

Bas Wiegel worked his way up and is now the chef de cuisine of De Kas. For him, freshness is designed by using simple flavours and respecting the ingredients that nature provides.

De Kas’ DNA
Chapter 1

At the core of De Kas’ cuisine is quality: serving the freshest ingredients from their greenhouse where produce is locally sourced, grown and harvested daily.

Designing a Seasonal Menu
Chapter 2

Part of what makes De Kas unique is their menu, which revolves around the supply of the vegetables from the greenhouse. Depending on what is harvested, the kitchen creates a menu that highlights the available produce.

Cooking for Freshness
Chapter 3

Beyond the restaurant walls of De Kas is their vision to educate people regarding the best way to cook vegetables. Respecting ingredients, keeping flavours simple, and sourcing from the land are key contributing elements.

This interview was conducted by Briana Lee & Victoria Badenas.