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“A good designer is someone with empathy, so it means to have an understanding of the context.”

French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have worked together for nearly twenty years, and in their Paris-based studio, they work on a variety of projects ranging from small and large-scale objects to interior spaces. With these projects, they have collaborated with many different clients such as Cappellini, Vitra, Magis, and Kvadrat. Despite their incredible success, the Bouroullec brothers manage to remain modest and humble, creating designs that are practical yet poetic.

Empathy in a Generic Discipline
Chapter 1

As a designer, there is value in understanding the rapidly changing context as well as embracing ambiguity in a non-specialist discipline.

Chapter 2

Conceived over a decade ago, this universally successful project was designed to evolve past its production process; its flexibility and character allows it to adapt to the owner’s environment.

Design Parameters
Chapter 3

Finding the balance between designing a flexible project and developing a safety net to prevent creative misuse once it leaves the studio.

Chapter 4

Ronan discusses his value of beauty in design, and how the word “design” itself is so widely applied that it can lose its meaning.

This interview was conducted by Robyn Goodridge & Sean Leach.