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“You can see it, you can stand next to a craftsman, but you need to do it and you need to make it your own.”

Hebe Verstappen is the head of the Textiellab, which is connected with the TextielMuseum in Tilburg. She looks over the educational, artistic and business objectives of the workshop and creates the vision for the lab. Verstappen focuses on educating young people on the process and learning from the technicians at the lab, while also working with designers and the textile industry for innovation. Her passion and pride for the lab seems to be shared throughout Tilburg - a city that plays an important role in the Dutch textile industry.

Understanding Textiles and Craftsmanship
Chapter 1

At the TextielLab, education regarding the materials and the techniques is highly valued, as well as immersing oneself into the process to learn the craft behind the products.

Collaborating with Raw Color
Chapter 2

Christoph and Daniera from Raw Color created an adaptable identity for the TextielLab and TextielMuseum, and through their experience at the lab, they also became an important partner of the organization.

Future of Textiles and the TextielLab
Chapter 3

Textiles can be used for more than just clothes and tea towels; at the lab, research and experimentation drive the innovation of textiles as more materials and techniques are discovered.

This interview was conducted by Kimberley Yip & Robyn Goodridge.