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“If architecture doesn't communicate, then there is no architecture.”

Ben van Berkel, the co-founder of UNStudio, is one of the leaders in the architectural practice for the last decade. He uses a combination of in-depth research and storytelling to create designs that push the boundaries of both architecture and engineering. His approach has changed the way the industry approaches architecture.

Adapting to evolving work habits
Chapter 1

The growing trend of working from home has greatly impacted the architectural practice. In the Mobius House, Ben van Berkel had to rethink the idea of a home as an office. Through clockwise planning, he was able to create a house where the two owners were able to work secludedly, but also able to meet in certain parts of the house. Ultimately, this created a unique flow and rhythm as they moved throughout the house.

Flexibility & Multifunctionality
Chapter 2

For centuries, the most valuable assets for the Dutch are space and land. Mixed-use and flexible buildings are the key to the country's architecture. Both Theatre Agora and Theatre de Stoep are capable of transforming throughout the day to accommodate various event and activities.

Figments and after images
Chapter 3

The afterimage of a building is just as important as the building itself. It is the impression and the image that a visitor takes away which stays with them even after they have left the building. Almost like a story you are trying to tell with images.

Architecture that communicates
Chapter 4

Architecture communicates. Be it an idea or expressing a particular feeling, architecture should be able to convey a message to its users. In the case of both theatres, this is done through the use of colours and geometry.

This interview was conducted by Maryam H. Kashani, Briana Lee, & Kimberly Chan.