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“Imperfection or irregularities are important because they present what is made by a human being.”

Kiki van Eijk is a product designer based in Eindhoven. After the debut of her Design Academy Eindhoven graduation project, the Kiki Carpet, van Eijk catapulted to success and became known for her unique approach to design, which involves the reinterpretation of tradition, both in terms of form and production process.

Creative Freedom in Design
Chapter 1

Having creative freedom gives Kiki van Eijk space to play, experiment, and challenge herself on every project.

Objects with a Story
Chapter 2

The design of every object begins with a story, an initial thought, a feeling, or a concept that shapes the form and the experiences the users can have with the object.

Making by Hands
Chapter 3

Kiki van Eijk is known for her very hands-on process in design. Here she talks about why this process remains important to her work as a designer and how she balances this approach with the demands and possibilities of technology.

Irregularities and Imperfections
Chapter 4

Many of Kiki van Eijk’s works are characterized by irregular shapes and forms. In this chapter, she speaks on what these imperfections afford and express.

This interview was conducted by Victoria Badenas & Tiphanie Lau.