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“We want to export the Dutch way of cycling, which is using the bike as a way of commuting.”

Part industrial designer part entrepreneur, Taco Carlier is the co-founder of the Dutch bicycle company Vanmoof. Working alongside his brother Ties, the two design the iconic Vanmoof bicycles by combining traditional Dutch cycling knowledge with innovative technology. Through Vanmoof bicycles, Carlier aims to raise awareness that cycling is a feasible form of urban transport, not only in the Netherlands, but around the world.

Exporting Culture
Chapter 1

Using aspects of the traditional Dutch bike, Vanmoof strives to export the cycling culture that is deeply manifested in the Netherlands.

Arriving at Form
Chapter 2

Driven by a focus on functionality, Vanmoof integrates technology into a product that ends up being as iconic and aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Cycling and Technology
Chapter 3

Vanmoof solves the challenges associated with cycling in cities around the world including topography and weather with innovative yet easy to use solutions.

The Future of Bike Shares
Chapter 4

Vanmoof values the innovation that can be produced through collaboration. Working with bike share company Spinlister, Vanmoof has designed bikes specifically for the emerging sharing economy.

Subtle Branding
Chapter 5

Vanmoof takes branding on their bikes beyond the typical logo and company name. Instead they have created an iconic form that silently screams Vanmoof.

This interview was conducted by Sean Leach & Chris Elawa.