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“The designers that work in innovation products always consistently bring in the people aspect.”

Geert Christiaansen is currently the Senior Director of Design Innovation at Philips Design where he leads the global design innovation program for all Philips businesses. Having maneuvered between roles of product manager and business development, he is highly versed in innovation and value creation. At Philips Design, he ensures that designs not only are functional and efficiently made, but also relevant and compelling to their end-users.

Architecting Innovation
Chapter 1

Innovation demands that the design or experience positively impacts its users. Innovation must go beyond ‘novelty’ or ‘newness’ - it must resonate and create relevance to all stakeholders in order to be considered as innovative.

Connected Ecosystems
Chapter 2

Geert Christiaansen asserts that design should no longer be viewed as isolated staged experiences. As technology develops and as consumers demand more engaging experiences, products will become part of ecosystems that deliver a wider range of value.

Expeditious Experimentation
Chapter 3

Experimentation and prototyping are at the backend of Philips’ innovation system. Ideas and experiences need to be tested and iterated to ensure that it’s relevant to the audience.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Chapter 4

Designing with a 'people aspect' does not only mean the end-user; it also involves cascading design knowledge and aptitude throughout Philips. In order for innovation to happen, the innovation mindset must be central within the culture of the company.

This interview was conducted by Tiphanie Lau & Victoria Badenas.