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“It has to have a good percentage of beauty … If they really love it for how it looks, they want to keep it.”

Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf and Laurens Manders make up Studio DaphnaLaurens, a design studio based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Created from a unique process driven by research and experimentation, their work is known for its memorable forms, multifunctionality, and expressiveness.

Automatic Designing
Chapter 1

Automatic designing is a design approach based on intuition and play that leads to surprising and new combinations of shapes.

Tafelstukken for Cappellini
Chapter 2

“Tafelstukken” translates to ‘Centerpieces’. DaphnaLaurens speak about how they approached the project and its multifunctionality. The design duo’s first project was eventually produced by the Italian furniture maker, Cappellini.

Chapter 3

DaphnaLaurens' Cirkel Collection was approached as a visual composition, which allowed them the freedom to push the limits of its shape and function.

Usefulness of Beauty
Chapter 4

What is beauty's function in design? DaphnaLaurens share their thoughts on the usefulness of beauty and why it's important.

This interview was conducted by Victoria Badenas & Briana Lee.