Vormgevers [Shape-givers]

Daphna Laurens

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“The whole ability to be an architect is based on the fact that … you have to see what there is, and that you are conscious about it.”

Herman Hertzberger has been considered to be one of the most influential architects in the last 20 years. Hertzberger considers himself as a social architect, with a passion of creating buildings that are people-oriented. He stresses the importance of putting people in the right scale and promotes physical connections in a building.

Inspiration from observation
Chapter 1

Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere; as an architect, it is important to understand how to further draw from these inspirations and apply them to projects in a meaningful and thoughtful way.

Human connections
Chapter 2

Interaction and connection between the people in the building is at the heart of all of Hertzberger’s buildings. De Titaan in Hoorn is an example of how the central space of a building is able to both visually and physically connect the students and teachers throughout the building.

This interview was conducted by Kimberly Chan & Maryam H. Kashani.