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“The more timeless identities are not necessarily the beautiful ones.”

Remco van de Craats is the owner and creative director of EDHV, located in Eindhoven. The design studio does not specialize in anything but functions by encouraging its team of multidisciplinary designers to work with one another to result in innovative and surprising concepts. Through a thorough research process, every EDHV project grows freely according to its own content, context, and design.

The Energy of Eindhoven
Chapter 2

Needing to stand out as a young city, Eindhoven called for a redesign of their city’s lackluster logo. After months of research, it became clear that the essence of Eindhoven was its energy.

Open Source Design
Chapter 3

Opening up a design to the public means giving it out to be “used and abused”. Some variations are clever, while others are clever in the wrong ways; if the identity is strong enough, however, it will withstand any alterations.

Virtual Design Agency
Chapter 4

Twelve creative studios of Eindhoven were invited to share their vision of what the city’s identity might be. The process of the identity was to involve as many stakeholders as possible so that the final form was not singularly owned—instead, it would be a collaborative design for everyone.

This interview was conducted by Elsa Wong & Kimberley Yip.