Contextual Awareness


Branding a City


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“Working with color is almost defining the context where it lives in.”

Christoph Brach and Daniera ter Haar make up the two halves of Raw Color, a studio connecting the disciplines of graphic design, photography, and material design through colour. Both are graduates of the Design Academy of Eindhoven and now produce commissioned and self-initiated work. Raw Color is a frequent participant of Dutch Invertuals, a group of designers dedicated to creating new experimental works.

Colour and Context
Chapter 1

Colour can be perceived differently depending on its context and the meaning of cultural symbolisms.

Raw Color Identity
Chapter 2

Raw Color's office space became a source of inspiration when creating their own identity. Its colour palette was influenced by the moment in which it was designed.

TextielMuseum & TextielLab Identity
Chapter 3

Raw Color collaborated with Tilburg’s fabric experts, TextielMuseum & TextielLab, to design a flexible identity representing both entities in a single logo.

This interview was conducted by Briana Lee & Elsa Wong.