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“Great content in the right context—that’s what makes people notice it, actually pay attention, and maybe share it.”

A former statistician turned strategist, Simon Wassef has been fostering inventive planning at some of the top agencies in world for over 12 years. He develops brand strategy for Absolut Vodka, Samsung, Red Bull, and Microsoft to name a few. The head of strategy at Sid Lee Amsterdam, Simon shares his knack for the trade and his love of football with his team.

Being Multidisciplinary
Chapter 1

Sid Lee is one of the most multidisciplinary agencies in the world. Cross discipline collaboration can lead to projects that are quite extraordinary, such as the Redbull headquarters in Amsterdam.

Great Content is King
Chapter 2

It’s not about how much content you have, it's about how good that content is. Really good content can change the customer's experience.

Crafting Meaningful Experiences
Chapter 3

Every touchpoint must be carefully designed to provide a rich and consistent experience for the customer. The right content in the right context can guide the customer in their journey.

This interview was conducted by Jessie Sohpaul & Robyn Goodridge.